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Anthem Men's Swat Style Leather Motorcycle Vest - Limited Edition


Anthem - Men's Swat Style Leather Vest - Limited Edition


  • True to size
  • Swat style with roll-up collar, hidden snap closure and center zipper
  • Two zippered slash pockets
  • Two conceal carry pockets with bullet snaps and tapered holsters
  • Nylon triple side strap component over adjustable side panels for fitment
  • Red, White and Blue stitching
  • Tuck and roll quilted texture on shoulders 
  • American flag satin lining with easy access panels for patches and embroideries
  • Antique zippers and hardware

Product Questions: (800)-537-3030

These are extremely limited runs, so if a size is sold out, its gone. Don’t be bummed though, you can still build your own vest just like it or customize it to your heart’s content. Check out our custom vest builder and build your own.