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Privacy Policy

Donna Sacs has created this privacy policy to let you know why we collect information from you and what we do with it. 

The first thing to remember about privacy is that there is only so much information that any web site can collect without your answering specific questions. Donna Sacs logs IP addresses (in other words, the location of your computer on the Internet) for system administration, troubleshooting, and to examine overall traffic trends. (For example, IP addresses help us determine the percentage of people coming from various online gateways, such as America Online or Yahoo!) This information (in aggregate form) is recorded for administrative purposes only; IP addresses are not linked to any personal information. 

Donna Sacs uses a cookie, a small data file stored on your computer, to customize portions of our site to your preferences. For example, Donna Sacs uses a cookie to identify you as a member, and to make sure that only you have access to (for example) your own personal account information. This way, you only have to answer those questions once and not every time you participate in an activity or event. The cookie, by itself, doesn't tell us (or anyone else) who you are, your email address, or anything else personal. You provide that information when you register with Donna Sacs, and only Donna Sacs has access to that information. You can browse the site and read our editorial content without registering or providing any personal information. However, in order to take advantage of our personalized services, you are required to provide us with personal information such as your name and email address. 

What do we do with the information that we collect? The information we collect from your membership helps us to improve our content, customize content of certain pages for you, and to send you updates about Donna Sacs. 

We do not share names, postal addresses and demographic information with any other company. All information is kept strictly confidential and internal to Donna Sacs.