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Rook - Vest Only - Men's Motorcycle Denim Vest

$70.00 $100.00

FIM698DM | Rook - Men's Motorcycle Denim Vest

The Rook is a Rough Neck Raw Denim vest with a shirt collar. It has our conceal carry pockets, and a cropped center zipper. It's unlined, and great for layering. THIS LISTING DOES NOT INCLUDE THE HOODIE.

We also offer the Rook with our detachable base hoodie. 


  • 14oz. Rough Neck Raw Denim
  • Shirt collar with branded snaps and cropped center zipper
  • Two chest pockets
  • Two snap slash pockets
  • Two conceal carry pockets
  • Unlined raw denim interior
  • Lifetime warranty on hardware and zippers

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