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Kershaw Men's Motorcycle Denim Vest


FIM691DM | Kershaw - Men's Motorcycle Denim Vest - Black

The Kershaw is a club style vest in our Rough Neck Raw Denim. It's a club style vest with one inch banded collar and covered snaps. A cropped center zipper helps ensure the vest won't ride up while you're riding. Two conceal carry pockets, two chest pockets and two slash pockets for everything you need to carry. This one is unlined, and great for warmer weather or layering. 


  • 14oz. Rough Neck Raw Denim
  • Club style vest with banded collar, covered snaps and cropped center zipper
  • Button snap and cropped center zipper
  • Two chest pockets
  • Two snap slash pockets
  • Two conceal carry pockets with tapered holster - easy access on left hand side
  • Unlined Raw Denim interior

Part Number: FIM691

Product Questions: (800)-537-3030