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Love Lace Women's Motorcycle Leather Vest


FIL578CDM | Love Lace - Women's Motorcycle Leather Vest

The Love Lace - for the ladies who love a bit of extra style! This vest is built for motorcycling, but make it *stylish* - the lace front panels add a great look, while our standard features like zippered pockets, conceal carry pockets, and the center zipper give you all the features you love in a First MFG vest. 


  • 1.1 - 1.2mm Diamond Naked Cow Hide
  • Motorcycle fashion style with scoop neck and center zipper
  • Two zippered pockets 
  • Two conceal carry pockets with bullet snaps and tapered holsters
  • Paisley print mesh lining
  • Rivet and lace up detailing 
  • Lifetime warranty on hardware and zippers
Product questions? Call here: 800-537-3030