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RYBAK Men's Leather Biker Club Jacket


Humbly called The Biker Club jacket, this 4 in one product has a long list of novel features that make a rider’s life on the bike considerably better. 

  • Built with a tough 1.2mm Naked Cowhide
  • 10 Pockets, including conceal carry pockets, 6 of which double as ventilation.
  • Two Way Zippers.
  • Standard size CE Armor Pockets (Elbow and Back)
  • Patented design - retractable sleeve cuff functions as a fingerless glove.
  • Patented design - removable, collapse and fasten function hood.
  • Multi-functional, removable "Face" panel.
  • Plenty of expansion panels providing maximum range of motion.
  • Wear it as a vest.
  • Interchangeable Sleeves and face panel

This Biker Leather Jacket is amongst the most versatile motorcycle jackets on the market. This Motorcycle Leather jacket was designed to provide options, comfort and convenience. 10 Pockets, 6 of which double as ventilation. When opened, proven to be very effective as ventilation and should allow you to bring whatever you need along when closed. Use all or just the ones you find most convenient. Also featuring a patented design - collapse and fasten function hood. Take it off without raising a hand or make it fit tightly on your head by pulling on the draw strings. This motorcycle jackets for men is unlike any conventional design. Different sleeves and face panels can be purchased to put on an existing jacket. Plenty of expansion panels providing maximum range of motion, making it a very comfortable riding jacket. We have been told so by actual riders. Multi-functional, removable "Face" panel is designed to stay up covering your face while you ride without the usual struggle. Wear the jacket with or without the "Face". 

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